Level Range: 15 – 21

Special Notes: Deadmines was updated a little for Cataclysm, so pay attention if you remember it from before. Don’t worry about the complexity of the map on the ship. You’re just following an obvious path upwards. It’s easy to pull too many mobs in the caves, so pull each one carefully.


Maps For Tanks: Deadmines, The Deadmines

Deadmines: The Deadmines, Westfall

Maps For Tanks: Deadmines, Ironclad Cove

Deadmines: Ironclad Cove , Westfall


  1. Glubtok: Pull in a circle around the room.
  2. Helix Gearbreaker/Lumbering Oaf: Destroy the oaf that he’s riding in, and then kill the goblin. Avoid bombs.
  3. Foe Reaper 5000: Kill all the mini golems in front of the boss first. DPS can ride in the golems and use them to kill the boss or other golems. Avoid special abilities.
  4. Admiral Ripsnarl: Party enters a fog when he gets injured. He will periodically disappear and phantom adds appear. Keep an eye out to target Ripsnarl when he reappears.
  5. ‘Captain’ Cookie: Avoid the smelly green food. Eat the sparkly gold food. Hit him in the cauldron.

Warrior Says…

Dulce et decorum est pro sacerdote mori.

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One thought on “Deadmines

  1. Rathje says:

    Once Helix’s oaf dies, he’ll jump on one of your party members. Doesn’t change anything, just keep attacking him.

    Approaching the ship, be careful on the scorched portions of the wooden walkway. Cannon balls explode there regularly and anyone standing in the blast will get knocked into the water and have to swim back to the cavern entrance to get back on. Same if you manage to fall off the walkways on the ship.

    In case it isn’t obvious – after you kill Ripsnarl, you have to enter the cabin room to trigger Captain Cookie.

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