Stormwind Stockade

Level Range: 20-30

Special Notes: Each boss is straightforward. Easy and short.


Maps For Tanks: The Stockade

The Stockade, Stormwind City


  1. Lord Overheat: Avoid the rains of fire. Kill the adds before you pull the boss.
  2. Hogger: Try to kill the mobs in his room (draw them into the hall) before you draw Hogger.
  3. Randolph Moloch: Again, carefully pull the mobs in his room without pulling the boss, then take him out. Keep Moloch targeted, as he’ll Vanish at low health.

Death Knight Says…

The only reason I’ll ever run Stockades is if I’m boosting an alt. Have fun, suckers!

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One thought on “Stormwind Stockade

  1. DarQuing says:

    Horde has no quests here, so most groups just go after the end boss I would imagine. Not sure if anything good drops from this place.

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