Wailing Caverns

Level Range: 15 – 25

Special Notes: Wailing Caverns can be really confusing; it’s not just you. Take each boss in order and look at the map often. A non-agressive turtle, Krush, appears in the river near the entrance. He can be tamed by hunters or killed for a sweet shield.


Maps For Tanks: Wailing Caverns, Northern Barrens

Wailing Caverns, Northern Barrens


All the boss fights are standard tank & spank unless otherwise indicated.

  1. Lady Anacondra: After her, jump off the bridge into the water below and run left (west).
  2. Lord Pythas
  3. Lord Cobrahn: After killing him, jump off the ledge near the fire to get back to the river.
  4. Skum: After Skum, take the path to the southwest and keep going up and up.
  5. Lord Serpentis
  6. Verdan the Everliving: Jump into the hole behind him after he dies. Swim out to the river. Follow the pink line. Go back up to the entrance to start the escort quest with Muyoh.
  7. Mutanus the Devourer: Fight off waves of adds, then him.

Druid Says…

If you’re dressed in a skintight purple pantsuit and your name evokes a TMNT villain, you’re not really a druid. Real druids are required by law to slash the faces off those fakers.

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2 thoughts on “Wailing Caverns

  1. Rathje says:

    Somewhere in the long climb between Skum and Lord Serpentis, there’s a spot where everyone has to jump over a break in the path. About a third of the time, someone in your group will miss this jump, and fall to the bottom and have to climb all the way back up to where you are. Just something to be aware of – make sure everyone clears the jump.

    Also, rather than cliff jumping into the pool behind Verdan, you can just have everyone teleport OUT of the dungeon, then immediately teleport back IN. You’ll all go right back to the beginning where everyone can turn in their quests before triggering Muyoh, and the final boss sequence.

    Final tip for newbies – keep an eye on Muyoh. He often doesn’t wait for you to defeat the raptors and keeps on moving ahead, triggering even more raptors. Be sure to try and pick up those adds too.

  2. Tinil says:

    The funniest part about this place is that as confusing as it is, it was actually cleaned up in the Cataclysm expansion. They removed a LOT of side tunnels in the second half of the dungeon so you can’t really even get lost before. The old wailing caverns, if you didn’t have someone who knew the place…well, hope you enjoy your 3 hour tour sans minnow!

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