Blackfathom Deeps

Level Range: 20-30

Special Notes: The low ceiling makes visibility challenging. There’s a lot of water in this instance; try to stay oriented when swimming. Dashed lines indicate swimming.


Maps For Tanks: Blackfathom Deeps, The Pools of Ask'ar

Blackfathom Deeps: The Pools of Ask’ar, Ashenvale

Maps For Tanks: Blackfathom Deeps, Moonshrine Sanctum

Blackfathom Deeps: Moonshrine Sanctun, Ashenvale


  1. Ghamoo-Ra: After killing him, jump in the lake and swim down and to the northwest.
  2. Lady Sarevess: Clear out the mobs in front of her room before engaging the boss. After killing her, swim back to the lake and keep swimming all the way south.
  3. Gelihast: Pull and kill as many murlocs as you can before engaging the boss. Ther are some hidden around the corner as you enter. Be aware the boss drops nets.
    |* Lorgus Jett: A leftover quest figure. No good loot.
    |3b. Old Serra’kis: If you swim under the entrance to Kelris, you’ll find an extra boss. It’s simple tank & spank, but there is nowhere to get air in his area, so finish him off quickly or pull him back to the main lake.
  4. Twilight Lord Kelris: This series can easily wipe a group. First, run around the room clearing out ALL mobs. You can do this without pulling Kelris. Next, pull Kelris. He won’t do anything until you light the braziers, so, in any order. light one, fight the adds, light the next, fight the adds, etc., until all the braziers are lit. Frequently the DPS will ight all the braziers at once, which will suck. After the last brazer is lit, Kelris will become active.
  5. Aku’mai

Warrior Says…

If you squint your eyes juuust right, Naga ladies look kind of attractive.

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8 thoughts on “Blackfathom Deeps

  1. Loving your lovely maps so far. I’m curious how you will be able to make sense of the truly convoluted instances… like Blackrock Depths. >>;

    A minor point I wanted to ask about–your Twilight Lord Kelris strategy puzzles me a bit. You mention that Twilight Lord Kelris becomes active AFTER the braziers are lit, but every group I’ve ever been in ever has always killed him prior to the brazier lighting. You just have to clear the other mobs standing around first. (Well, you don’t even HAVE to do that, but it’s probably a good idea…)

    The braziers are actually for opening the door to Aku’mai’s room. And no, you don’t want to light them all at once, especially not with a lame tank. xD I’ve healed through that many times and it can be rough.

    Perhaps the strategy should be looked at again? :o

    • I’ve always done the Kelris fight just as you describe, fighting him and then lighting the braziers one at a time. However, when I was running the instance to draw the map, Kelris refused to engage until the braziers were all lit and all the mobs they spawn killed. I haven’t had a chance to look up whether this is a documented change, but if you happen to go back to BFD, let me know your results!

  2. Dracomage says:

    I recently dragged a guildy’s lowbie Rogue through BRD. I’ll be happy to review your map and provide feedback on it.

  3. Rathje says:

    Be careful with the Drowned Sanctuary. It has a bit of a “super mario” platform jumping sequence, that half the time, someone in the group misses and falls in the water – then they have to swim back around to try again. Some newbies will get lost here and swim around all over the pool trying to figure it out – and there are usually lobsters and murlocs left in the water that they’ll aggro. I’ve seen unfortunate players die in that pool before because no one stayed behind to make sure they cleared the jumping portion.

    As a tank, it’s nice of you to wait and make sure everyone makes it, and not leave them to die in there.

    Actually, you can skip the platform jumping altogether by simply swimming under them to the southwest corner of the pool. You can then simply run up and over into the tunnel leading to the pool of Askar.

    Just be sure to announce what you’re doing, since most players don’t know about this shortcut.

  4. revoemag says:

    Hey Disco, I love the site! This is an excellent idea! You may not care about this at all, and that’s cool, but there are some faction specific quests for BFD that can be a bit of a pain when some of the group needs to go to particular areas of the instance.

    For Alliance, the quest Knowledge in the Deeps has players pick up a manuscript which is underwater, in the nook just to the north of Ghamoo-Ra. Another Alliance quest, In Search of Thaelrid, has players turning in the quest to Thaelrid in the nook with two entrances to the southwest of Ghamoo-Ra. This will then start the quest Blackfathom Villainy which will simply have players kill Kelris.

    For Horde, the quest Amongst the Ruins has players extract the Fathom Core from the Fathom Stone, which is located underwater, under the platforms, in the center of the pool, in the Moonshrine Sanctum. Upon extracting the core, Baron Aquanis spawns and will need to be killed. The Baron drops a water globe which players will then turn in to complete the quest Baron Aquanis.

    Apart from collecting certain items and killing bosses, I think those are the only area specific quest considerations. Could be wrong though. Again, you may not be concerned with funky quest stuff at this point or ever.

    Love the site! I will make good use of it. :)

  5. Lori says:

    I think others already covered what I was going to say (shortcut in the first lake, Kelris is active before lighting the braziers, and the fathom core quest/Baron Aquanis on the way to the optional threshadon boss). This is an instance where, as tank, I actually have to talk to the group, which is kind of nice. xD I always say “follow closely” in the first lake so they get to the shortcut (if they listen, anyway), and before entering Kelris’ room I warn everyone not to light the @#$%! braziers. Not in so many words. ;)

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