Level Range: 24-34

Special Notes: Dashed lines indicate parachute use. Parachutes are located in boxes at the jumping-off point and can only be used in-air.

Gnomer is long, and Boss 1 is often skipped. There is an additional boss to the southeast in the lower Launch Bay (in the Engineering Labs), if you are so inclined.


Maps For Tank: Gnomeregan, The Hall of Gears

Gnomeregan: The Hall of Gears, Dun Morogh

Maps For Tanks: Gnomergan, The Dormitory

Gnomeregan: The Dormitory, Dun Morogh

Maps For Tanks: Gnomeregan, The Tinker's Court

Gnomeregan: The Tinker’s Court, Dun Morogh


  1. Grubbis and Chomper: Talk to Emi to begin. Trogs come in waves from left then right walls, then Grubbis and his pet Chomper come from the right just after Emi gives the warning.
  2. Viscous Fallout: Jump down with a parachute, and you or your group may land on top of him. Be prepared to fight him and possibly some roving adds.
  3. Electrocutioner 6000: After killing him, grab another paracute behind the plane and jump down to the south. Run down the south corridor.
  4. Mekgineer Thermaplug: Avoid the Walking Bombs by staying in motion when they are active. Also has a Confusion ability.

Druid Says…

The only good Irradiated Gnome is a dead Irradiated Gnome.

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2 thoughts on “Gnomeregan

  1. Mittenz says:

    The link from the list of maps doesn’t lead here FYI. Otherwise I love your maps, and the sassy comments from the cute tanks :>

  2. DarQuing says:

    If you’re Horde, this is another dungeon with no quests. I think there’s a boss in the engineering labs somewhere.

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