Scarlet Monastery: The Cathedral

Level Range: 35-45

Special Notes: If you’re Horde, let the Forsaken Flesh Rippers in the courtyard help you clear out the mobs. They’ll pull nearby mobs towards them if you kill whomever they’re attacking.

The first two bosses are essentially one long fight, and constitute all of the bosses needed for LFD. However, the final (third) boss is very quick and makes for excellent loot and XP for the time investment.


Maps For Tanks: Scarlet Monastery, The Cathedral

Scarlet Monastery: The Cathedral, Tirisfal Glades


  1. Scarlet Commander Mograine: Clear out every other mob in the cathedral before pulling Mograine. Once he is pulled, any remaining mobs will immediately run to and attck your party.
  2. High Inquisitor Whitemane: Comes out immediately after Mograine falls, with additional adds. She then resurrects Mograine, who continues to fight with her. Kill Whitemane first, as she casts protection on resurrected Mograine. LFD ends here, but it’s worth trying to get your group to stick around for…
  3. High Inquisitor Fairbanks: Pull the torch on the north wall at the dead end to reveal his hiding place.

Paladin Says…

That Mograine/Whitemane fight can kill you really freaking dead if your healer isn’t paying attention. Lucky all tanks have got Flash of Light, amirite?!

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2 thoughts on “Scarlet Monastery: The Cathedral

  1. nyarfmrjak says:

    I’ve never seen additional adds in the Mograine/Whitemane fight.

    Don’t do fairbanks last do him before Mograine/Whitemane, no reason why you would skip him before doing them becase you have to go that way to clear all mobs anyway.

    • DarQuing says:

      That’s usually the way I’ve seen it done. Clear the main part of the cathedral, go right, kill Fairbanks (which is part of a quest), and then clear the left side (being careful not to aggro Mograine. Once those are done, then you can get all up in Mograine’s grill (not once, but twice ‘cuz Whitemane is nice enough to resurrect him so you can kill him again).

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