Maraudon: Earth Song Falls (Pristine Waters Entrance)

Level Range: 34-44

Special Notes: Maraudon is a large instance that consists of three unique LFD entry points. Each LFD group needs to kill only two bosses to finish their leg of the instance.

The Earthsong Falls (formerly Pristine Waters) entrance is located in the middle of a lake at the top of Earthsong Falls on the ‘Zaetar’s Grave’ minimap. This section is populated mainly by crocodiles, giants, and hydras.


Maps For Tanks: Maraudon, Earthsong Falls

Maraudon: Earth Song Falls, Desolace


  1. Landslide: Spawns elemental shardlings during a stun effect.
  2. Princess Theradras: Run away from her Dust Shield, which pushes all group members back with associated damage.

Paladin Says…

So, Princess Theradras and… Zaetar. How does that work, exactly?

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2 thoughts on “Maraudon: Earth Song Falls (Pristine Waters Entrance)

  1. Daemon X says:

    There’s also a crocolisk boss, Rotgrip, down in the waters below Princess. An easy jump down if your group sticks around after LFD clear.

  2. Shintar says:

    If you turn around right after zoning in, you can also kill Celebas who’s standing right behind you. Poor chap is sort of in-between wings and most people don’t bother. :(

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