Level Range: 38-48

Special Notes: Scholomance can be very confusing, and with 12 bosses in a full clear, it’s rather long.

Scholomance has lots of large, square rooms with a number of mobs scattered within the room. Watch your line of sight pulls, and particularly take care that ranged DPS don’t accidentally pull (or if they can’t help it, be ready to pick up an extra mob).

If you turn on nameplates (enabled by default with the ‘V’ key), you can see mobs under the floor in many locations, giving you an idea of what’s coming.

Boss 4, Vectus and Marduk, are not actually ‘bosses’ but are part of an in-instance quest chain, and so are included as pseudo-bosses.

Headmaster Gandling is the last boss needed to complete the LFD requirement; however, if you wish to continue onward you can take out an additional boss, Ras Frostwhisper, for the achievement.

The * symbol represents the location of quest items.


Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, The Reliquary

Scholomance: The Reliquary, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, Chamber of Summoning

Scholomance: Chamber of Summoning, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tank: Scholomance, The Headmaster's Study

Scholomance: The Headmaster’s Study, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, Barov Family Vault

Scholomance: Barov Family Vault, Western Plaguelands


  1. Kirtonos the Herald: Summon the boss by lighting the Brazier of the Herald. Shapeshifts from Undead to bat.
  2. Jandice Barov: Splits into multiple illusions of herself that all attack you. The illusion resets your target, so try to find her again (nameplates are helpful here) or make a macro: /tar Jandice Barov.
  3. Rattlegore: Clear out as many Risen Constructs as you can without pulling Rattlegore. He hits hard and has a knockback ability.
  4. Vectus & Marduk Blackpool: Use the Reliquary on the platform with Vectus and Marduk.  It will aggro V and M and turn the students into skeletons. Vectus has AoE flame abilities; kill him first.
  5. Lorekeeper Polkelt: Clear out the six rooms to the north, east, and south- on BOTH levels- of the Headmaster’s Study to summon the the Headmaster. All are pretty much tank and spank.
  6. Dr. Theolen Krastinov: Has a knockdown.
  7. Instructor Malicia: Casts a slow and Corruption. Can self-heal.
  8. Lady Illucia Barov: Casts a Silence.
  9. Lord Alexei Barov:  Casts  Immolate, Veil of Shadow.
  10. The Ravenian: Has a Trample and knockback.
  11. Darkmaster Gandling (The Headmaster): Appears in the Study when all six rooms surrounding him have been cleared. Hits very hard and casts Arcane Missles frequently. Has a Shadow Shield.
  12. Ras Frostwhisper: Clear the room before engaging Ras. Has multiple frost spells, including a slow (Freeze) and an AoE (Frostbolt Volley). Also casts Fear (you DID clear out the room, right?)

Warrior Says…

Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear not, for I can always blame wipes on the healer.

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4 thoughts on “Scholomance

  1. Lara says:

    It’s interesting that you leave Ras Frostwhisper till last — traditionally we usually did him before going down into the final group of rooms.

    There’s a mildly amusing diversion in that, after you kill Ms. Barov, you can take a left out of her alcove and turn the wall sconce to open the locked gate that stands to the right of the doorway leading into the next section of the dungeon (just below where you enter). It contains a chest that usually has a piece or two of nice loot. Just greens, but it’s easy enough to do that it’s probably worth it if you’re killing her anyway.

  2. Lara says:

    Another thing about Kirtonos: He has a knockback ability that he periodically uses. If you are between him and the ledge, you can actually be knocked right out the window and out of the instance. I’d recommend tanking him on the stairs, with your back to one or the other of the side walls.

  3. Mittenz says:

    Does Gandling not still teleport one of the group into a locked room? I could have sworn he did when I was last there, though it didn’t happen to me.

  4. Rathje says:

    When I did him, he teleported me and one other character into a room we’d already cleared. Could have been really nasty for us if we hadn’t cleared that room already.

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