Dire Maul: Capital Gardens (West)

Level Range: 34-44

Special Notes: Dire Maul is a large compound consisting of three instances. The second-hardest instance is the Capital Gardens Quarter, also known as Dire Maul: West.

In order to access the door that lies beyond Tendris Warpwood, you must ‘turn off’ three large, blue crystal pylons by killing the Mana Remnants guarding them. Each pylon is marked with a *.


Dire Maul: Capital Gardens, Feralas

Dire Maul: Court, Feralas

Dire Maul: Prison of Immol’thar and Athenaeum, Feralas


  1. Magister Kalendris: Casts Shadow spells, including Shadowform. He’s easier with more non-melee DPS.
  2. Illyanna Ravenoak & Ferra: Take out Illyanna first, since she’s ranged. Ferra performs a Swipe. Retrace your steps back down the stairs and out into the main courtyard again to get to…
  3. Tendris Warpwood: Performs an (endless) series of Entangles and summons tree minions. His Trample hits hard; try to avoid it. He also has a big knockback.
  4. Immol’thar: Again, you’ll need to ‘turn off ‘the two guarding pylons. They are marked on the Prison map with a *. First, kill the night elves surrounding Immol’thar. When they’re dead, he’ll become aggressive. The boss continually summons ‘Eyes of Immol’thar'; try to take them out as soon as you see them (they’re easy to kill).
  5. Prince Tortheldrin: Casts a Summon that teleports the target player in front of the boss. Mainly, he’s just very fast melee. After his death, don’t forget to loot the chest under the stairs behind you if you’ve completed that quest.

Paladin Says…

Night elves?! More like SUCKY elves, amirite?

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4 thoughts on “Dire Maul: Capital Gardens (West)

  1. embijai says:


    Any chance you’ll be updating the higher level dungeons? My warrior tank is currently level 43 and I have found these maps so useful.

    Many thanks.

  2. Lara says:

    Another key ability of Magister Kalendris that you should be aware of is “Dominate Mind” (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=7645). I believe it is interruptible, but if not, then you may have to CC one of your party members.

  3. Amy says:

    I’m working my first tank and I’ve loved these maps. Keep going!

  4. Stroeb says:

    Important safety tip: kill the Ironbark Protectors in the first area (with the green centre) before engaging Tendris. Else he summons them in to help and that leads to a pretty quick wipe.

    Great maps, this site is a fantastic resource. Thanks!

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