Dire Maul: Warpwood Quarter (East)

Level Range: 36-46

Special Notes: Dire Maul is a large compound consisting of three instances. The first instance is the Warpwood Quarter, also known as Dire Maul: East and is mainly populated by evil trees and satyrs.

The Warpwood Quarter also hosts a reverse-excort quest, in which the party chases a small imp, Pusillin, through the first section of the instance. Pusillin isn’t technically a boss, but he’s the focus of a very common in-instance quest.

At the * symbol, talk to Ironbark the Redeemer to open the door to the Shrine of Eldretharr.

Following Pusillin and an easy layout makes this arguably the most straightforward of the Dire Maul instances to navigate.


Maps For Tanks: Dire Maul, Warpwood Quarter

Dire Maul: Warpwood Quarter, Feralas

Maps For Tanks: Dire Maul, Shrine of Eldretharr

Dire Maul: Shrine of Eldretharr, Feralas


  1. Pusillin The Thief: Follow Pusillin and keep talking to him to move him forward. Follow him up to his platform, where he’ll turn agressive. He spawns multiple imps immediately and shoots Fireballs. Don’t forget to loot his corpse for the quest item.
  2. Lethendris & Pimgib: Lethendris has Shadow and Fire spells, but she also casts Enlarge on Pimgib. Kill Pimgib first.
  3. Hydrospawn: Has a pushback; summons water minions.
  4. Zevrim Thornhoof: Uses Shadow spells and melee. His Sacrifice spell binds a party member to the stone altar. After defeating him, jump off the ledge behind the bonfire to continue on.
  5. Alzzin the Wildshaper: Clear out the three groups of lashers before engaging the boss. He has a big knockback, a slow, and can shapeshift into a dire wolf and a tree. He summons a number of imps from the wall behind him and any of the lashers that you didn’t clear out beforehand.When he’s dead, don’t forget to use the Sealed Reliquary, if you’re on that quest.

Druid Says…

Hey, Corrupted Lashers, it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault, man.

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