General Aboutness

Maps For Tanks is written and maintained by the author and cartoonist of Disciplinary Action.

My goal was to provide quick and informative maps through dungeons for first-time or novice tanks, since I got tired of people shouting at me in LFD.

You can follow along on Twitter at @DiscoPriest and email any time at disciplinaryaction at yahoo dot com.

But Why?

There are currently seventy instances in Warcraft. Every single time my tank hit the LFD I would, without fail, get the one I couldn’t navigate.

When you’re tanking a PUG and you pull out your map or hesitate for longer than half a nanosecond, things can get a little abusive. Someone says, “THIS way!!!!!1!!” and starts hopping up and down in place, and then the next thing you know the DPS is running ahead and pulling bosses and your healer quits in disgust.

The Tank is calm.

The Tank is in control.

The Tank knows where his towel is.

It’s very difficult to project that aura of ironclad authority when your rogue is  hopping on one leg as though he’s about to pee himself and moaning that they never get any tanks who know how to pull Wailing Caverns, and my MAIN character, who is a Paladin tank, thankyouverymuch, I never get lost or take this long and P.S., have you heard of aggro?

I get lost a lot. A lot.

I earned my Explorer title before anything else because I spent so much time wandering in confusion. It was a problem in LFD, but I couldn’t find any maps that said ‘THIS WAY, GO THIS WAY, YOU STUPID BEAR’. When pugs start to agitate, to do that hop-on-one-leg-this-way-this-way-hurry! thing, the confusion got even worse. In the end, I stopped tanking and went back to the easy delights of healing (which is a picnic compared to dealing with healers).

So I resolved to draw myself a path through all the instances, a simple series of arrows and the occasional ‘THIS WAY, GO THIS WAY, YOU STUPID BEAR’ notes, because I am a stupid bear. As I was working on this project, it occurred to me I could draw in electronic ink instead of pencil, and put my little collection up for all the stupid bears and paladins and warriors and death knights to enjoy together.

May the path be ever clear!

How Does This Happen?

Originally, I thought I’d level a new Paladin through all the instances, but she was gaining levels so quickly that she fast outstripped the level caps for lower instances. Now, I use my Death Knight to run the instances that my Paladin has accidentally skipped, but I have run all the instances at level at one time or another, and have leveled Warrior and Druid tanks as well.

The useful characters are Fabula (H) – Drenden, Paladi,n and Hecatomb (H) – Drenden, Death Knight. If you ever see them out and about, give a wave!

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the site! We’ve featured it on the Melting Pot today.

  2. siriusjs says:

    Great idea man. Keep it up. I will be heading here frequently.

  3. Phownhome says:

    You are my official hero of the week, the month and possibly the year. This is a fantastic resource.

  4. Muspel says:

    Just as a heads-up: this just got posted on the tanking forums, and I’m currently lobbying to get it stickied.

  5. Trazodone says:

    Incredible resource for a newbie like me. Much appreciated.

  6. Lori says:


    Just posted on the WoW forums asking about exactly this kind of resource. I was pretty sure I was going to have to do it myself, so imagine my delight when someone posted a link to this blog. :)

  7. Wringer says:

    MOAR maps for tanks, please!! Keep going!

  8. Aerdrie says:

    Oh goodness, this was linked on WoWinsider, and I must say I love it! I too am a stupid bear, I don’t tend to get lost after being somewhere once, but my problem is I still have YET to see all of the cata dungeons. /eyes baby toddler bear distraction. If you want any help going through the Classic/ BC / Wrath dungeons let me know! I need help with the cata ones to the point that even when I do get time the LFD scares the fur off me and I hide doing dailies lol

  9. Kittai says:

    Please Please Please could you finish these? I’ve sent so many new tanks here and I personally have a lvl 59 and a lvl 75 tank that I’ve just given up on. this was the most amazing resource when I was leveling my little warrior she was having a HELL of a time in scholomance and then I found this site and is was like someone picked up my hand and said it’s ok this is how you do it and this is where you go. I’ve mostly leveled healers and as such I kinda hang out the back and don’t pay much attention to where we are and what we’re doing, I’m always hanging in the back. I think it’s a job requirement. but trying to tank after that is a nightmare. I don’t think I’ll ever be a great tank. it certainly doesn’t come naturally to me but, the maps that you’ve made here have made me go from kinda crap, definitely hesitant tank to leader of the group with a firm idea of where I’m going, which in turn let me concentrate on what I’m doing. It’s such an amazing idea and so well implemented I think you should know that it’s REALLY appreciated and I can’t wait for the rest of the maps so I can get my little warrior all the way to 85 (probably 90 by then)

  10. Possum says:

    I love this site, only thing is alt tabbing out to read a map is probably bad form. This needs to be an addon!

  11. Windpaw says:

    This site is the cat’s ass. It is outstanding. More maps or I’ll send armed ostriches to peck you.

  12. Meridienne says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work. You made me finally take the jump and level the tanking character I’ve always wanted to try.
    Plus, the site is nice and pretty and fun :)

  13. admin says:

    Oh why oh why did I only find your site now! My stupid bear is now at 83 and so would have loved to be able to refer to this site. I levelled him in dungeons to experience all of the content I missed when I first levelled my rogue via quests during late Wrath. However as I had never entered 90% of the dungeons when I started this project. As such my first runs we’re always as healer so I could learn what to do and where to go. Unfortunately as i am a stupid bear that is a slow learner this meant I skipped tanking a few as I levelled too quickly.

    Please can you finish ang get the rest of the cata ones done so I can feel safe moving from 83-85 ;)

  14. Dan says:

    After a disastrous run through BRD, I scoured the Internet for tank path-finding tips and found this site. Awesome! Thank you for your work; I look forward to seeing the next few maps get added.

  15. Cyndr says:

    New to tanking and dungeons, so this site is a dream!

  16. Thornbury says:

    Wow, incredible resource. So useful to refresh my aging brain with routes through dungeons I last did years ago! My son is now using these as he’s entering most of them for the first time, a real problem as a tank with an impatient group :-)

    Are there any plans to update some of the maps for the revised MoP version of some dungeons?

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