11 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Love this! What a great thing you are doing here, I will pointing all new(b) tanks here…. hey it’s even useful for cranky ol’ tanks like myself! ;-D

    • Wait, wait, wait- you have to be an experienced tank to be cranky?! I’m doing it all wrong! :)

      But thanks, Wowopa, and I’m looking forward to seeing your warrior ways linked here! Because you’re going to warriorblog. Yes. This must happen.

  2. Hazmat says:

    The link for Tank Hard! seems to be broken.

  3. Fred says:

    This will be amazing for all tanks once you have painstakingly done each map.

    Well done this will be a fantastic resource!!

  4. Azumar says:

    This is really nice, I hope that you will be able to include it in an addons someday, with arrows and descriptions about where to go!

  5. Spireplatonic says:

    Thank you for this, as a new tank and recently back to wow I love this as a resource

  6. Somnar says:

    Knowing where the heck to go has always been my biggest fear as a tank, with folks being so dang harsh in LFD. Now…

    No worries!!

    (Love this blog, and its a great idea!!)

  7. Great resource, thanks for putting it together. Look forward to new ones.

  8. Sharon Mello says:

    This is an awesome idea! I’ve finally gotten quite bored with pewpew but had never done much dungeoning, and when I did, I just followed others around. This is so helpful, I hope you continue, and maybe add a monk brewmaster section. They’re tons of fun.

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