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Stratholme: Service Entrance (The Gauntlet)

Level Range: 46-56

Special Notes: Stratholme consists of two instances, the Main Entrance (also known as Crusader Square) and the Service Entrance (also known as The Gauntlet), referring to the location of their instance entrance in Eastern Plaguelands. Both are somewhat complex instances due to their size.

Stratholme: Service Entrance houses six official bosses, and is populated primarily by mixed groups of elite and non-elite undead mobs. Bosses 1, 2, and 3 must be killed to unlock the gate to Baron Rivendare, the final boss.

Quest pickup is marked with a ‘*’.


Maps For Tanks: Stratholme Service Entrance

Stratholme: Service Entrance, Eastern Plaguelands


  1. Baroness Anastari: Upon entering the instance, Magistrate Barthilas will raise an alarm, which can be ignored for now. Head to the Baroness and clear the trash around her. She casts fear and a Silence with ranged DPS. After killing her, the doors behind her will open; go in and down to kill the acolytes.
  2. Nerub’enkan: Shoots scarabs at you, summons scarabs, and has a web snare. Again, kill acolytes in the room behind him upon his death.
  3. Maleki the Pallid: Ranged frost spells, drain life, and a snare. Again, kill the acoltes in the room behind him when he dies.
  4. Magistrate Barthilas: Melee DPS with a major knockback. Put yourself between him and the back wall of his cove so you don’t get knocked halfway through the instance. Each hit increases his Furious Anger buff, so try to burn him down quickly.
  5. Ramstein: Pull a Venom Belcher at a time into the entrance to avoid aggroing multiple belchers. Burn down the slimes they eject before moving on to the next target. Ramstein will come out immediately after the last one is killed, so prep before burning the final Belcher. He is mainly melee with a knock up. After Ramstein is dead, multiple waves of small skeletons/zombies come out. When they are down, five Black Guard Sentries come out of the Baron’s ziggurat.
  6. Lord Aurius Rivendare: When you engage Baron Rivendare, the door will close quickly behind you. Ensure the party moves together into his room. He uses melee damage and a shadow aura, summons skeletons and uses Death Pact on them (so kill them off), and casts Shadow Bolts.

Druid Says…

You run sixteen Stratholmes, and what do you get?
Another day older and no mount or pet.
St. Metzen don’t you call me ’cause I ain’t done yet-
I sold my soul fo’ reins of a dead hooooorse.

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