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Stratholme: Service Entrance (The Gauntlet)

Level Range: 46-56

Special Notes: Stratholme consists of two instances, the Main Entrance (also known as Crusader Square) and the Service Entrance (also known as The Gauntlet), referring to the location of their instance entrance in Eastern Plaguelands. Both are somewhat complex instances due to their size.

Stratholme: Service Entrance houses six official bosses, and is populated primarily by mixed groups of elite and non-elite undead mobs. Bosses 1, 2, and 3 must be killed to unlock the gate to Baron Rivendare, the final boss.

Quest pickup is marked with a ‘*’.


Maps For Tanks: Stratholme Service Entrance

Stratholme: Service Entrance, Eastern Plaguelands


  1. Baroness Anastari: Upon entering the instance, Magistrate Barthilas will raise an alarm, which can be ignored for now. Head to the Baroness and clear the trash around her. She casts fear and a Silence with ranged DPS. After killing her, the doors behind her will open; go in and down to kill the acolytes.
  2. Nerub’enkan: Shoots scarabs at you, summons scarabs, and has a web snare. Again, kill acolytes in the room behind him upon his death.
  3. Maleki the Pallid: Ranged frost spells, drain life, and a snare. Again, kill the acoltes in the room behind him when he dies.
  4. Magistrate Barthilas: Melee DPS with a major knockback. Put yourself between him and the back wall of his cove so you don’t get knocked halfway through the instance. Each hit increases his Furious Anger buff, so try to burn him down quickly.
  5. Ramstein: Pull a Venom Belcher at a time into the entrance to avoid aggroing multiple belchers. Burn down the slimes they eject before moving on to the next target. Ramstein will come out immediately after the last one is killed, so prep before burning the final Belcher. He is mainly melee with a knock up. After Ramstein is dead, multiple waves of small skeletons/zombies come out. When they are down, five Black Guard Sentries come out of the Baron’s ziggurat.
  6. Lord Aurius Rivendare: When you engage Baron Rivendare, the door will close quickly behind you. Ensure the party moves together into his room. He uses melee damage and a shadow aura, summons skeletons and uses Death Pact on them (so kill them off), and casts Shadow Bolts.

Druid Says…

You run sixteen Stratholmes, and what do you get?
Another day older and no mount or pet.
St. Metzen don’t you call me ’cause I ain’t done yet-
I sold my soul fo’ reins of a dead hooooorse.

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Stratholme: Main Gate (Crusader’s Square)

Level Range: 42 – 52

Special Notes: Stratholme consists of two instances, the Main Entrance (also known as Crusader Square) and the Service Entrance (also known as The Gauntlet), referring to the location of their instance entrance in Eastern Plaguelands. Both are somewhat complex instances due to .

Stratholme: Main Entrance includes four official bosses and two commonly killed high-level elites which guard quest items, and is populated primarily by mixed groups of elite and non-elite undead mobs. The instance also includes a series of mailboxes, which- if all tampered with- produce an additional boss, Postmaster Malorne.

Four of the quests picked up at the entrance refer to bosses which are not marked with skulls on the map (“bosses” 1, 2, 3, and 6 on this list), and may be skipped or included at the discretion of the tank or group.

As if all that weren’t enough, an Eye of Naxxramas ghoul patrols the area, and will call in additional forces if he catches you.

Oh, and the non-aggressive Spectral Citizens will totally attack you if you use AoE. Enjoy!

Quest pickup is marked with a *. Mailboxes are marked with blue circles.

Special thanks to the excellent help of intrepid Tsu Tain Guu Faitaa members, who kindly guided assisted with the Stratholme: Main Gate guide.


Stratholme Main Gate Map (c) Maps For Tanks

Stratholme: Main Gate, Eastern Plaguelands


  1. Stratholme Courier and Fras Siabi: The quest box ‘Premium Siabi Tobacco is at the *. Clicking on it (after killing the courier) will summon Fras Siabi, who has Flame Breath and Morph. AFter killing Siabi, clicking on the nearby mailbox and then clicking again on the package within will summon three Undead Postmen.
  2. The Unforgiven: As you walk under the archway, The Unforgiven and several phantasms will spawn. There is a mailbox just before (or after, depending on which way you go around the circle) you get to The Unforgiven; clicking on the mailbox once again spawns Undead Postmasters.
  3. Timmy the Cruel: A quest mini-boss.
  4. Postmaster Malown: When you click on the final, third mailbox, Postmaster Malown spawns along with three Undead Postmen. Try to clear out nearby mobs before engaging.
  5. Commander Malor: Has a hard-hitting melee and Shadow spells. Don’t forget to open Malor’s Strongbox after dispatching him.
  6. Risen Hammersmith: Picking up the Blacksmithing Plans will summon this mini-boss.
  7. Willey Hopebreaker: Summons an increading number of defenders at the end of the hall who can cause a great deal of damage. If one person mans the cannons, they can be shot at before running down the hall and engaging the tank.
  8. Instructor Galford: Casts AoE fire damage, Burning Winds and a directed Pyroblast. Don’t forget to loot the painting behind him for the quest item.
  9. Balnazzar: Casts a number of player control spells- Sleep, Domination, and Psychic Scream, along with shadow damage spells. After downing Balnazzar, two of the quest-givers from the entrance will spawn in the room and one will spawn just outside the room, eliminating the need to run all the way back.

Druid Says…
Timmy, y u so cruel?
Who hurt you, Timmy?

Who hurt you?

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Maraudon: Foulspore Cavern (Orange Crystals Entrance)

Level Range: 32-42

Special Notes: Maraudon is a large instance that consists of three unique LFD entry points. Each LFD group needs to kill only two bosses to finish their leg of the instance.

The Foulspore Cavern (formerly Orange Crystals) entrance is located on the northeast corner of the ‘Caverns of Maraudon’ minimap. This section is populated mainly by lashers, dryads, and sludges.

This is, visually, one of my favorite instances.


Maps For Tanks: Maraudon, Foulspore Cavern

Maraudon: Foulspore Cavern, Desolace


  1. Noxxion: Periodically spawns five Noxxion’s Spawn and disappears; kill the spawns and he’ll reappear.
  2. Razorlash

Druid Says…

Druids don’t take kindly to living symbols of corruption.

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Razorfen Kraul

Level Range: 30-40

Special Notes: RFK is a long instance, but can be very rewarding in terms of XP. Hey, at least it’s not the crawl it used to be!


Maps For Tanks: Razorfen Kraul, The Barrens

Razorfen Kraul, The Barrens


  1. Death Speaker Jargba: Casts Shadow Bolts, but otherwise straightforward.
  2. Aggem Thorncurse: Summons multiple non-elite boar spirits, which hang around after his death.
  3. Overlord Ramtusk: Pulls with his two guards.
  4. Agthelos the Raging: Kill the Ward Guardians and Ward Keepers to lower the force field to his entrance. He’ll materialize and run towards your group, so you may want to run forward to stay ahead of your DPS.
  5. Charlga Razorflank: Pull her out of her house and onto the main dirt platform you walked in on. Casts Chain Bolt, so try to keep moving to avoid others.

Druid Says…

If you’re tanking in heirloom caster cloth gear, we can’t help you. We just can’t.

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Level Range: 24-34

Special Notes: Dashed lines indicate parachute use. Parachutes are located in boxes at the jumping-off point and can only be used in-air.

Gnomer is long, and Boss 1 is often skipped. There is an additional boss to the southeast in the lower Launch Bay (in the Engineering Labs), if you are so inclined.


Maps For Tank: Gnomeregan, The Hall of Gears

Gnomeregan: The Hall of Gears, Dun Morogh

Maps For Tanks: Gnomergan, The Dormitory

Gnomeregan: The Dormitory, Dun Morogh

Maps For Tanks: Gnomeregan, The Tinker's Court

Gnomeregan: The Tinker’s Court, Dun Morogh


  1. Grubbis and Chomper: Talk to Emi to begin. Trogs come in waves from left then right walls, then Grubbis and his pet Chomper come from the right just after Emi gives the warning.
  2. Viscous Fallout: Jump down with a parachute, and you or your group may land on top of him. Be prepared to fight him and possibly some roving adds.
  3. Electrocutioner 6000: After killing him, grab another paracute behind the plane and jump down to the south. Run down the south corridor.
  4. Mekgineer Thermaplug: Avoid the Walking Bombs by staying in motion when they are active. Also has a Confusion ability.

Druid Says…

The only good Irradiated Gnome is a dead Irradiated Gnome.

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Wailing Caverns

Level Range: 15 – 25

Special Notes: Wailing Caverns can be really confusing; it’s not just you. Take each boss in order and look at the map often. A non-agressive turtle, Krush, appears in the river near the entrance. He can be tamed by hunters or killed for a sweet shield.


Maps For Tanks: Wailing Caverns, Northern Barrens

Wailing Caverns, Northern Barrens


All the boss fights are standard tank & spank unless otherwise indicated.

  1. Lady Anacondra: After her, jump off the bridge into the water below and run left (west).
  2. Lord Pythas
  3. Lord Cobrahn: After killing him, jump off the ledge near the fire to get back to the river.
  4. Skum: After Skum, take the path to the southwest and keep going up and up.
  5. Lord Serpentis
  6. Verdan the Everliving: Jump into the hole behind him after he dies. Swim out to the river. Follow the pink line. Go back up to the entrance to start the escort quest with Muyoh.
  7. Mutanus the Devourer: Fight off waves of adds, then him.

Druid Says…

If you’re dressed in a skintight purple pantsuit and your name evokes a TMNT villain, you’re not really a druid. Real druids are required by law to slash the faces off those fakers.

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