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Dire Maul: Gordok Commons (North)

Level Range: 42 – 52

Special Notes: Dire Maul is a large compound consisting of three instances. The hardest instance in the group is Gordok Commons, also known as Dire Maul: North.

Dire Maul North has a unique mechanism, by which the fourth and fifth bosses can be pacified rather than fought (see boss notes for more details). In the second half of the instance, the Wandering Eye of Kilrogg will summon Netherwalkers to attack you if it gets close.

This instances is mainly populated by Gordok Ogres, and its completion awards you the buff ‘King Of the Gordok’ for one hour, which makes all the Ogres friendly to the PC. Rare boss spawns are possible in the Gordok’s Seat arena.

Quest pickup is marked with a *.


Dire Maul North Gordok Commons Map (c) Maps For Tanks

Dire Maul: Gordok Commons (North), Feralas


  1. Guard Mol’dar: Clear out nearby mobs and wait for a patting Mage to walk to you on the bottom/middle of the stairs before engaging Mol’dar. Lots of mastiffs surround him, and it’s hard to kill them all without engaging the boss. His Frenzy at about 25% health calls in nearby mastiffs.
  2. Stomper Kreeg the Drunk: His Booze Spit reduces hit rating by 75%, and has a Frenzy and Drunken Rage. Fighting him long enough causes ‘drunk’ effect. If you watch long enough, he’ll bust out some excellent dance moves.
  3. Guard Fengus: Guard Fengus pats around the plaza, which has multiple mob groups. Clear out as many as you can before engaging the boss; he has a pushing attack that can push you into remaining mobs.
  4. Guard Slip ‘kik: SPECIAL NOTE: This boss can be killed as per usual, or he can be lured over an trap and kept on ice indefinitely (sorry). It can be extremely difficult to communicate what you’re going to do to a PUG, however, and I’ve found they generally tend to taunt and kill Slip ‘kik while you’re trying to explain. NON-KILL VERSION: Wait for Slip ‘kik to pat away. Kill the mob in front of the fire. Pick up the quest from the goblin Knot Thimblejack (‘The Gordok Ogre Suit’). Click on the trap to activate it. When Slip ‘kik comes around again, taunt him from the far side of the trap. When he runs over it, he’ll be frozen but not killed. D’oh!
  5. Captain Kromcrush: You may kill Kromcrush as normal, or NON-KILL VERSION: If you trapped Slip’kik in ice earlier… Go up the stairs and pick up the Orc Tannin, if desired (this will summon a Gordok Bushwhacker in addition to the existing mobs). Go back down to the goblin and get the Ogre Suit. Run up the stairs and down the hall until you see Captain Kromcrush. Put on the ogre suit either before or after you kill the mob in front of him (the suit doesn’t work on them, apparently). Talk to Kromcrush, who will then leave. Kill the mobs on your way to…
  6. King Gor’dok and Cho’Rush the Observer: Take out the patting group of mastiffs first. Gor’dok has Bloodlust and a big push attack, and Cho’Rush is a fire mage. If you take out Gor’dok first, Cho’Rush will stop attacking and summon Mizzle the Crafty, who awards you the buff ‘King of the Gordok’.

Paladin Says…

It’s good to be King, baby!

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Dire Maul: Capital Gardens (West)

Level Range: 34-44

Special Notes: Dire Maul is a large compound consisting of three instances. The second-hardest instance is the Capital Gardens Quarter, also known as Dire Maul: West.

In order to access the door that lies beyond Tendris Warpwood, you must ‘turn off’ three large, blue crystal pylons by killing the Mana Remnants guarding them. Each pylon is marked with a *.


Dire Maul: Capital Gardens, Feralas

Dire Maul: Court, Feralas

Dire Maul: Prison of Immol’thar and Athenaeum, Feralas


  1. Magister Kalendris: Casts Shadow spells, including Shadowform. He’s easier with more non-melee DPS.
  2. Illyanna Ravenoak & Ferra: Take out Illyanna first, since she’s ranged. Ferra performs a Swipe. Retrace your steps back down the stairs and out into the main courtyard again to get to…
  3. Tendris Warpwood: Performs an (endless) series of Entangles and summons tree minions. His Trample hits hard; try to avoid it. He also has a big knockback.
  4. Immol’thar: Again, you’ll need to ‘turn off ‘the two guarding pylons. They are marked on the Prison map with a *. First, kill the night elves surrounding Immol’thar. When they’re dead, he’ll become aggressive. The boss continually summons ‘Eyes of Immol’thar'; try to take them out as soon as you see them (they’re easy to kill).
  5. Prince Tortheldrin: Casts a Summon that teleports the target player in front of the boss. Mainly, he’s just very fast melee. After his death, don’t forget to loot the chest under the stairs behind you if you’ve completed that quest.

Paladin Says…

Night elves?! More like SUCKY elves, amirite?

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Maraudon: Earth Song Falls (Pristine Waters Entrance)

Level Range: 34-44

Special Notes: Maraudon is a large instance that consists of three unique LFD entry points. Each LFD group needs to kill only two bosses to finish their leg of the instance.

The Earthsong Falls (formerly Pristine Waters) entrance is located in the middle of a lake at the top of Earthsong Falls on the ‘Zaetar’s Grave’ minimap. This section is populated mainly by crocodiles, giants, and hydras.


Maps For Tanks: Maraudon, Earthsong Falls

Maraudon: Earth Song Falls, Desolace


  1. Landslide: Spawns elemental shardlings during a stun effect.
  2. Princess Theradras: Run away from her Dust Shield, which pushes all group members back with associated damage.

Paladin Says…

So, Princess Theradras and… Zaetar. How does that work, exactly?

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Scarlet Monastery: The Cathedral

Level Range: 35-45

Special Notes: If you’re Horde, let the Forsaken Flesh Rippers in the courtyard help you clear out the mobs. They’ll pull nearby mobs towards them if you kill whomever they’re attacking.

The first two bosses are essentially one long fight, and constitute all of the bosses needed for LFD. However, the final (third) boss is very quick and makes for excellent loot and XP for the time investment.


Maps For Tanks: Scarlet Monastery, The Cathedral

Scarlet Monastery: The Cathedral, Tirisfal Glades


  1. Scarlet Commander Mograine: Clear out every other mob in the cathedral before pulling Mograine. Once he is pulled, any remaining mobs will immediately run to and attck your party.
  2. High Inquisitor Whitemane: Comes out immediately after Mograine falls, with additional adds. She then resurrects Mograine, who continues to fight with her. Kill Whitemane first, as she casts protection on resurrected Mograine. LFD ends here, but it’s worth trying to get your group to stick around for…
  3. High Inquisitor Fairbanks: Pull the torch on the north wall at the dead end to reveal his hiding place.

Paladin Says…

That Mograine/Whitemane fight can kill you really freaking dead if your healer isn’t paying attention. Lucky all tanks have got Flash of Light, amirite?!

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Scarlet Monastery: The Graveyard

Level Range: 26-36

Special Notes: Short and sweet, the only item of note in Scarlet Monastery’s Graveyard is to keep an eye out for the occasional rare spawn in the Forlorn Cloister.


Maps For Tanks: Scarlet Monastery, The Graveyard

Scarlet Monastery: The Graveyard, Tirisfal Glades


  1. Interrogator Vishas: You’ll likely get DPS pulling additional mobs near the entry to get to the tempting chest. Keep an eye out if they do this mid-boss-pull.
  2. Bloodmage Thalnos: Casts Shadow Bolts and an AoE Fire Nova; avoid if possible.

Paladin Says…

If only they were all this easy.

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Shadowfang Keep

Level Range: 16 – 26

Special Notes: Like Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep was updated a bit for Cataclysm, so pay attention if you remember it from before.


Maps For Tanks: Shadowfang Keep, Courtyard

Shadowfang Keep: Courtyard, Silverpine Forest

Maps For Tanks: Shadowfang Keep, Dining Hall

Shadowfang Keep: Dining Hall, Silverpine Forest

Maps For Tanks: Shadowfang Keep, The Wall Walk

Shadowfang Keep: The Wall Walk, Silverpine Forest

Maps For Tanks: Shadowfang Keep, Vacant Den

Shadowfang Keep: Vacant Den, Silverpine Forest

Maps For Tanks: Shadowfang Keep, Lower Observatory

Shadowfang Keep: Lower Observatory, Silverpine Forest

Maps For Tanks: Shadowfang Keep, Upper Observatory

Shadowfang Keep: Upper Observatory, Silverpine Forest

Maps For Tanks: Shadowfang Keep, Lord Godfrey's Chambers

Shadowfang Keep: Lord Godfrey’s Chambers, Silverpine Forest


  1. Baron Ashbury: His Asphyxiate takes the target to near death. Make sure you’re healed up between instances of it.
  2. Baron Silverlaine: Summons worgen spirits. Keep focus on the Baron, they disappear when he dies.
  3. Commander Springvale: A hard fight. Calls adds. Avoid purple flame like crazy. Avoid green circles on floor. Always have your back to the wall so the purple flame doesn’t hit others.
  4. Lord Walden: Avoid blue spots on floor.
  5. Lord Godfrey: Always have your back to the wall so the Pistol Barrage doesn’t hit others. Summons ghouls.

Paladin Says…

Anything you can do, I can do better- I can do anything better than you.

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Ragefire Chasm

Level Range: 15 – 21

Special Notes: The second boss in the instance completes the LFD requirements, but two more Horde quest-fulfilling bosses exist beyond him. If you want the extra loot and bosses but don’t trust your group to stick around, skirt around Taragaman, pick up bosses 3 and 4, and then come back to him.


Maps For Tanks: Ragefire Chasm, Orgrimmar

Ragefire Chasm, Orgrimmar


  1. Oggleflint
  2. Taragaman the Hungerer
  3. Jergosh the Invoker
  4. Bazzalan: After defeating Jergosh, turn south and jump onto the low ledge. Follow it up and around the corner to find Bazzalan.

Paladin Says…

It’s one thing to let your healer get aggro, but under no circumstances allow your hair to get mussed.

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