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Level Range: 44-54

Special Notes: Zul’Farrak is quite long, but as it is outdoors, allows the use of mounts throughout. Many of the bosses can be skipped if desired by the group and/or killed in any order. The quests given at the entrance require the death of all of the bosses, so all are mapped here.

The instance achievement is gained by killing Chief Ukorz Sandscalp.

The purple two-handed  sword Sul’thraze the Lasher can be made by combining two in-instance drops: Jang’thraze the Protector and Sang’thraze the Deflector.

A * indicates non-boss quest objectives.


Maps For Tanks: Zul'Farrak

Zul’Farrak, Tanaris


  1. * Theka the Martyr: Not technically a boss, Theka the Martyr is a quest objective mini-boss. Try to prevent the use of AoE spells, as they will aggro the many level 47 scarabs around him.
  2. Antu’sul: Calls nearby basilisks to assist him, throws down totems, and snares. Assign one DPS to bring down the totems. Near the end of the fight, he summons Servants of Antu’sul, which are stronger basilisks.
  3. Witch Doctor Zum’rah: Summons troll zombies, skeletons, and totems. Assign a DPS to the totems. Focus on Zum’rah and on interrupting his summoning spell, if anyone in the group has an interrupt.
  4. Sandfury Executioner / Nekrum Gutchewer / Shadowpriest Sezz’iz: Carefully and completely clear out the area in front of the temple steps. Kill the Sandfury Executioner at the top of the steps (melee damage dealer), and release the prisoners from the cages. This begins a two-boss event at the bottom of the stairs and spawns a large number of trolls. Wait at the top of the stairs and kill the waves that run up. Move forward when the prisoners do, and try not to aggro the bosses until you have killed all the trolls. Tank ‘n’ spank the bosses with the help of the prisoners. Watch for new mobs of trolls. Bonus: You can talk to Sergeant Bly to aggro him and the other prisoners.
  5. Hydromancer Velratha / Gahz’rilla: Velratha pats around the pool, so wait for her to pat away before clearing mobs near the door. Tank ‘n’ spank and watch for additional mob pats. Clear out any desired remaining mobs before ringing the Gong of Zul’Farrak to summon Gahz’rilla, who spawns on the far side of the pool. He spits icicles, freezes, and has a big knockback.
  6. Ruuzlu / Chief Ukorz Sandscalp: Carefully clear all basilisk and snake mobs before engaging the two bosses, both melee damage dealers. Ukorz has a Frenzy effect.

Death Knight Says…

A tank and his group walk into a bar. The tank says, “I’ll take a pint, and I’ll buy one for the highest DPS I’ve seen today.”

The bartender shakes his head and says, “I’m sorry sir, but you can only drink one at a time.”

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Dire Maul: Gordok Commons (North)

Level Range: 42 – 52

Special Notes: Dire Maul is a large compound consisting of three instances. The hardest instance in the group is Gordok Commons, also known as Dire Maul: North.

Dire Maul North has a unique mechanism, by which the fourth and fifth bosses can be pacified rather than fought (see boss notes for more details). In the second half of the instance, the Wandering Eye of Kilrogg will summon Netherwalkers to attack you if it gets close.

This instances is mainly populated by Gordok Ogres, and its completion awards you the buff ‘King Of the Gordok’ for one hour, which makes all the Ogres friendly to the PC. Rare boss spawns are possible in the Gordok’s Seat arena.

Quest pickup is marked with a *.


Dire Maul North Gordok Commons Map (c) Maps For Tanks

Dire Maul: Gordok Commons (North), Feralas


  1. Guard Mol’dar: Clear out nearby mobs and wait for a patting Mage to walk to you on the bottom/middle of the stairs before engaging Mol’dar. Lots of mastiffs surround him, and it’s hard to kill them all without engaging the boss. His Frenzy at about 25% health calls in nearby mastiffs.
  2. Stomper Kreeg the Drunk: His Booze Spit reduces hit rating by 75%, and has a Frenzy and Drunken Rage. Fighting him long enough causes ‘drunk’ effect. If you watch long enough, he’ll bust out some excellent dance moves.
  3. Guard Fengus: Guard Fengus pats around the plaza, which has multiple mob groups. Clear out as many as you can before engaging the boss; he has a pushing attack that can push you into remaining mobs.
  4. Guard Slip ‘kik: SPECIAL NOTE: This boss can be killed as per usual, or he can be lured over an trap and kept on ice indefinitely (sorry). It can be extremely difficult to communicate what you’re going to do to a PUG, however, and I’ve found they generally tend to taunt and kill Slip ‘kik while you’re trying to explain. NON-KILL VERSION: Wait for Slip ‘kik to pat away. Kill the mob in front of the fire. Pick up the quest from the goblin Knot Thimblejack (‘The Gordok Ogre Suit’). Click on the trap to activate it. When Slip ‘kik comes around again, taunt him from the far side of the trap. When he runs over it, he’ll be frozen but not killed. D’oh!
  5. Captain Kromcrush: You may kill Kromcrush as normal, or NON-KILL VERSION: If you trapped Slip’kik in ice earlier… Go up the stairs and pick up the Orc Tannin, if desired (this will summon a Gordok Bushwhacker in addition to the existing mobs). Go back down to the goblin and get the Ogre Suit. Run up the stairs and down the hall until you see Captain Kromcrush. Put on the ogre suit either before or after you kill the mob in front of him (the suit doesn’t work on them, apparently). Talk to Kromcrush, who will then leave. Kill the mobs on your way to…
  6. King Gor’dok and Cho’Rush the Observer: Take out the patting group of mastiffs first. Gor’dok has Bloodlust and a big push attack, and Cho’Rush is a fire mage. If you take out Gor’dok first, Cho’Rush will stop attacking and summon Mizzle the Crafty, who awards you the buff ‘King of the Gordok’.

Paladin Says…

It’s good to be King, baby!

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Level Range: 35-45

Special Notes: Uldaman is fairly straightforward, but it is quite long, with 8 potential bosses.

PLEASE NOTE: After you complete Boss 6 (Grimlock), you can run back to the map room and summon Ironaya as an additional boss. It’s not required, but her death gives a quest to kill Archaedas. There is no path drawn on the map back to the map room, but you can just retrace your steps back to Boss 4.


Maps For Tank: Uldaman, Hall of the Keepers

Uldaman: Hall of the Keepers, The Badlands

Maps For Tanks: Uldaman, Khaz'Goroth's Seat

Uldaman: Khaz’Goroth’s Seat, The Badlands


  1. Olaf, Eric ‘The Swift’, and Baelog: When you pull one, you pull them all. Olaf is tank-ish, Baelog is ranged, and Eric has a fastrun ability. Kill Baelog first to stop his ranged attacks, then Olag, then Eric. You no longer need the medallion from the table.
  2. Revelosh: Pulling his guards will pull him. Shoots Lightning Bolts.
  3. Ancient Stone Keeper: Has a movement slowing effect. Pats sometimes enter from the hallway just off his platform.
  4. Obsidian Sentinel: Has Spell Reflection. Spawns Obsidian Shard guardians, but shrinks.
  5. Galgann Firehammer: Clear out the room before pulling him and his two guards. Has fire spells; run away when he starts to cast Fire Nova.
  6. Grimlock: Pulls with two guards and a basilisk. Has lightning spells and a Shrink.
  7. *Ironaya: Has a knockback ability does melee damage.
  8. Archaedas: Can be a tough fight, but it’s been toned down a bit. Channel the altar. Archaedas will come to life. He brings the small Earthen Shapers along the edge of the room to life one by one. He then wakes the guardians along the inner circle. He then wakes the big stone guardians in front of the doors. Throughout, he continues to pull small guardians from the edge of the room.

Death Knight Says…

You know what takes care of those Dark Iron Dwarves? Blood Boil! Hahahahahahahahahaha, suckerrrrs.

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Maraudon: The Wicked Grotto (Purple Crystals Entrance)

Level Range: 30-40

Special Notes: Maraudon is a large instance that consists of three unique LFD entry points. Each LFD group needs to kill only two bosses to finish their leg of the instance.

The Wicked Grotto (formerly Purple Crystals) entrance is located on the southeast corner of the ‘Caverns of Maraudon’ minimap. This section is populated mainly by satyrs, sprites, and evil trees.


Maps For Tanks: Maraudon, The Wicked Grotto

Maraudon: The Wicked Grotto, Desolace


  1. Tinkerer Gizlock: Tank him away from the group for his Goblin Dragon Gun directed fire damage.
  2. Lord Vyletongue: Pull and kill the two satyrs guarding the entrance before you pull him; two additional satyrs guard him on the inside, but you can’t pull them without pulling the boss. Periodically disappears and reappears behind you.

Warrior Says…

Now who’s the ruler of this domain, bitch?

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