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Razorfen Downs

Level Range: 40 – 50

Special Notes: Razorfen Downs is a fairly straightforward instance with five bosses, populated by quillboars and undead, with a mid-instance escort quest (which can be skipped if time is an issue).

The ‘*’ indicates a quest pick-up.


Razorfen Downs: Maps For Tanks

Razorfen Downs, Thousand Needles


  1. Tuten’kash: Clear out the mobs in the room before ringing the gong. The first and second rings summons a load of Tomb Fiends. The third ring summons Tuten’kash. If any of the Tomb Fiends escape down the hallway, you won’t be able to ring the gong until you’ve tracked them down and killed them.
  2. Belnistrasz  / Plaguemaw the Rotting (Escort Quest): Mobs spawn for four minutes (about 8 mobs), after which the boss, Plaguemaw the Rotting, spawns. Don’t forget to loot the brazier that spawns upon Belnistrasz’s departure. Run back the way you came to the entrance of the Murder Pens.
  3. Mordresh Fire Eye: A skeleton mage surrounded by skeleton mobs. Pulling any of the mob skeletons will aggro Mordresh; his main spell is shooting fireballs.
  4. Glutton: Another boss surrounded by mobs; try to time your first pull so that you clear out as many mobs as possible while Glutton is patting away from you. Glutton has a DoT Disease Cloud and a Frenzy at about 10% health.
  5. Amnennar the Coldbringer: Lich with frost spells. Summons Frost Spectre mobs. Koristrasza the dragon will cast a weaken spell on him near the start of the fight if you have saved Belnistrasz.

Warrior Says…

There’s no shame in hiding under a pile of corpses so they can’t see your map animation.

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Level Range: 38-48

Special Notes: Scholomance can be very confusing, and with 12 bosses in a full clear, it’s rather long.

Scholomance has lots of large, square rooms with a number of mobs scattered within the room. Watch your line of sight pulls, and particularly take care that ranged DPS don’t accidentally pull (or if they can’t help it, be ready to pick up an extra mob).

If you turn on nameplates (enabled by default with the ‘V’ key), you can see mobs under the floor in many locations, giving you an idea of what’s coming.

Boss 4, Vectus and Marduk, are not actually ‘bosses’ but are part of an in-instance quest chain, and so are included as pseudo-bosses.

Headmaster Gandling is the last boss needed to complete the LFD requirement; however, if you wish to continue onward you can take out an additional boss, Ras Frostwhisper, for the achievement.

The * symbol represents the location of quest items.


Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, The Reliquary

Scholomance: The Reliquary, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, Chamber of Summoning

Scholomance: Chamber of Summoning, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tank: Scholomance, The Headmaster's Study

Scholomance: The Headmaster’s Study, Western Plaguelands

Maps For Tanks: Scholomance, Barov Family Vault

Scholomance: Barov Family Vault, Western Plaguelands


  1. Kirtonos the Herald: Summon the boss by lighting the Brazier of the Herald. Shapeshifts from Undead to bat.
  2. Jandice Barov: Splits into multiple illusions of herself that all attack you. The illusion resets your target, so try to find her again (nameplates are helpful here) or make a macro: /tar Jandice Barov.
  3. Rattlegore: Clear out as many Risen Constructs as you can without pulling Rattlegore. He hits hard and has a knockback ability.
  4. Vectus & Marduk Blackpool: Use the Reliquary on the platform with Vectus and Marduk.  It will aggro V and M and turn the students into skeletons. Vectus has AoE flame abilities; kill him first.
  5. Lorekeeper Polkelt: Clear out the six rooms to the north, east, and south- on BOTH levels- of the Headmaster’s Study to summon the the Headmaster. All are pretty much tank and spank.
  6. Dr. Theolen Krastinov: Has a knockdown.
  7. Instructor Malicia: Casts a slow and Corruption. Can self-heal.
  8. Lady Illucia Barov: Casts a Silence.
  9. Lord Alexei Barov:  Casts  Immolate, Veil of Shadow.
  10. The Ravenian: Has a Trample and knockback.
  11. Darkmaster Gandling (The Headmaster): Appears in the Study when all six rooms surrounding him have been cleared. Hits very hard and casts Arcane Missles frequently. Has a Shadow Shield.
  12. Ras Frostwhisper: Clear the room before engaging Ras. Has multiple frost spells, including a slow (Freeze) and an AoE (Frostbolt Volley). Also casts Fear (you DID clear out the room, right?)

Warrior Says…

Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear not, for I can always blame wipes on the healer.

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Maraudon: The Wicked Grotto (Purple Crystals Entrance)

Level Range: 30-40

Special Notes: Maraudon is a large instance that consists of three unique LFD entry points. Each LFD group needs to kill only two bosses to finish their leg of the instance.

The Wicked Grotto (formerly Purple Crystals) entrance is located on the southeast corner of the ‘Caverns of Maraudon’ minimap. This section is populated mainly by satyrs, sprites, and evil trees.


Maps For Tanks: Maraudon, The Wicked Grotto

Maraudon: The Wicked Grotto, Desolace


  1. Tinkerer Gizlock: Tank him away from the group for his Goblin Dragon Gun directed fire damage.
  2. Lord Vyletongue: Pull and kill the two satyrs guarding the entrance before you pull him; two additional satyrs guard him on the inside, but you can’t pull them without pulling the boss. Periodically disappears and reappears behind you.

Warrior Says…

Now who’s the ruler of this domain, bitch?

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Scarlet Monastery: The Library

Level Range: 29-39

Special Notes: Throughout the Library, there are a number of chests, some locked. DPS will likely run over to them, so be prepared to pick up an extra mob when you see one, whether or not you intended to clear that section.


Maps For Tank: Scarlet Monastery, The Library

Scarlet Monastery: The Library, Tirisfal Glades


  1. Houndmaster Loksey and Hounds: Take out Loksey first, then tackle the hounds.
  2. Arcanist Doan: Casts a Silence spell and an AoE blast. Avoid his Detonation.

Warrior Says…

If you are chasing the Well Read achievement, many of the books on your list can be read in the Scarlet Monastery Library.

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Blackfathom Deeps

Level Range: 20-30

Special Notes: The low ceiling makes visibility challenging. There’s a lot of water in this instance; try to stay oriented when swimming. Dashed lines indicate swimming.


Maps For Tanks: Blackfathom Deeps, The Pools of Ask'ar

Blackfathom Deeps: The Pools of Ask’ar, Ashenvale

Maps For Tanks: Blackfathom Deeps, Moonshrine Sanctum

Blackfathom Deeps: Moonshrine Sanctun, Ashenvale


  1. Ghamoo-Ra: After killing him, jump in the lake and swim down and to the northwest.
  2. Lady Sarevess: Clear out the mobs in front of her room before engaging the boss. After killing her, swim back to the lake and keep swimming all the way south.
  3. Gelihast: Pull and kill as many murlocs as you can before engaging the boss. Ther are some hidden around the corner as you enter. Be aware the boss drops nets.
    |* Lorgus Jett: A leftover quest figure. No good loot.
    |3b. Old Serra’kis: If you swim under the entrance to Kelris, you’ll find an extra boss. It’s simple tank & spank, but there is nowhere to get air in his area, so finish him off quickly or pull him back to the main lake.
  4. Twilight Lord Kelris: This series can easily wipe a group. First, run around the room clearing out ALL mobs. You can do this without pulling Kelris. Next, pull Kelris. He won’t do anything until you light the braziers, so, in any order. light one, fight the adds, light the next, fight the adds, etc., until all the braziers are lit. Frequently the DPS will ight all the braziers at once, which will suck. After the last brazer is lit, Kelris will become active.
  5. Aku’mai

Warrior Says…

If you squint your eyes juuust right, Naga ladies look kind of attractive.

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Level Range: 15 – 21

Special Notes: Deadmines was updated a little for Cataclysm, so pay attention if you remember it from before. Don’t worry about the complexity of the map on the ship. You’re just following an obvious path upwards. It’s easy to pull too many mobs in the caves, so pull each one carefully.


Maps For Tanks: Deadmines, The Deadmines

Deadmines: The Deadmines, Westfall

Maps For Tanks: Deadmines, Ironclad Cove

Deadmines: Ironclad Cove , Westfall


  1. Glubtok: Pull in a circle around the room.
  2. Helix Gearbreaker/Lumbering Oaf: Destroy the oaf that he’s riding in, and then kill the goblin. Avoid bombs.
  3. Foe Reaper 5000: Kill all the mini golems in front of the boss first. DPS can ride in the golems and use them to kill the boss or other golems. Avoid special abilities.
  4. Admiral Ripsnarl: Party enters a fog when he gets injured. He will periodically disappear and phantom adds appear. Keep an eye out to target Ripsnarl when he reappears.
  5. ‘Captain’ Cookie: Avoid the smelly green food. Eat the sparkly gold food. Hit him in the cauldron.

Warrior Says…

Dulce et decorum est pro sacerdote mori.

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