The Maps

By Level | Alphabetically


By Level:

15 – 21 Ragefire Chasm

15 – 21 Deadmines

15 – 25 Wailing Caverns

16 – 26 Shadowfang Keep

20 – 30 Stormwind Stockade

20 – 30 Blackfathom Deeps

24 – 34 Gnomeregan

26 – 36 The Scarlet Monastary: The Graveyard

29 – 39 The Scarlet Monastery: The Library

30 – 40 Razorfen Kraul

30 – 40 Mauraudon: The Wicked Grotto (Purple Crystals)

32 – 42 The Scarlet Monastery: The Armory

32 – 42 Maraudon: Foulspore Cavern (Orange Crystals)

34 – 44 Maraudon: Earth Song Falls (Pristine Waters)

35 – 45 The Scarlet Monastery: The Cathedral

35 – 45 Uldaman

36 – 46 Dire Maul: East (Warpwood Quarter)

38 – 48 Scholomance

39 – 49 Dire Maul: Capital Gardens (West)

40 – 50 Razorfen Downs

42 – 52 Dire Maul: Gordok Commons (North)

42 – 52 Stratholme: Main Gate (Crusader’s Square)

44 – 54 Zul’Farrak

46 – 56 Stratholme: Service Entrance (The Gauntlet)

47 – 61 Blackrock Depths: Detention Block (Lower) and Shadowforge City (Upper)

50 – 60 Temple of Atal’Hakkar

55 – 65 Lower Blackrock Spire

55 – 65 Upper Blackrock Spire

57 – 67 Hellfire Ramparts

59 – 68 Blood Furnace

60 – 69 Slave Pens

61 – 70 Underbog

62 – 71 Mana-Tombs

63 – 72 Auchenai Crypts

64 – 73 The Escape from Durnholde

65 – 73 Sethekk Halls

67 – 75 Shadow Labyrinth

67 – 75 Shattered Halls

67 – 75 Steamvault

67 – 75 The Botanica

67 – 75 The Mechanar

68 – 75 The Black Morass

68 – 75 The Arcatraz

68 – 75 Magister’s Terrace

68 – 80 Utgarde Keep

69 – 80 The Nexus

70 – 80 Azjol-Nereb

71 – 80 Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

72 – 80 Drak’Tharon Keep

73 – 80 Violet Hold

74 – 80 Gundrak

75 – 80 Halls of Stone

77 – 80 Halls of Lightning

77 – 80 Culling of Stratholme

77 – 80 Oculus

77 – 80 Utgarde Pinnacle

80 – 80 Trial of the Champion

80 – 80 Forge of Souls

80 – 80 Pit of Saron

80 – 80 Halls of Reflection

80 – 83 Blackrock Caverns

80 – 83 Throne of Tides

81 – 85 The Stonecore

81 – 85 Vortex Pinnacle

84 – 85 Grim Batol

84 – 85 Halls of Origination

84 – 85 Lost City of the Tol’Vir

85 – 85 Shadowfang Keep (H)

85 – 85 Zul’Aman

85 – 85 Zul’Gurub



Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

The Arcatraz

Auchenai Crypts


Blackfathom Deeps

Blackrock Caverns

Blackrock Depths: Detention Block (Lower) and Shadowforge City (Upper)

Blood Furnace

The Botanica

Culling of Stratholme


Dire Maul: East (Warpwood Quarter)

Dire Maul: Gordok Commons (North)

Dire Maul: Capital Gardens (West)

Drak’Tharon Keep

The Escape from Durnholde

Forge of Souls


Grim Batol


Halls of Lightning

Halls of Origination

Halls of Reflection

Halls of Stone

Hellfire Ramparts

Lost City of the Tol’Vir

Lower Blackrock Spire

Magister’s Terrace


Maraudon: Foulspore Cavern (Orange Crystals)

Maraudon: Earth Song Falls (Pristine Waters)

Mauraudon: The Wicked Grotto (Purple Crystals)

The Mechanar

The Black Morass

The Nexus


Pit of Saron

Ragefire Chasm

Razorfen Downs

Razorfen Kraul

The Scarlet Monastery: The Armory

The Scarlet Monastery: The Cathedral

The Scarlet Monastary: The Graveyard

The Scarlet Monastery: The Library


Sethekk Halls

Shadow Labyrinth

Shadowfang Keep

Shadowfang Keep (H)

Shattered Halls

The Stonecore

Stormwind Stockade

Stratholme: Main Gate

Stratholme: Service Entrance

Slave Pens


Temple of Atal’Hakkar

Throne of Tides

Trial of the Champion



Upper Blackrock Spire

Utgarde Pinnacle

Utgarde Keep

Violet Hold

Vortex Pinnacle

Wailing Caverns




17 thoughts on “The Maps

  1. kvikramg says:

    What a wonderful blog. Wish i had this when i was doing wailing caverns, absolutely hate it.

  2. Spireplatonic says:

    Thank you for this. Looking forward to more as I am learning to be a tank warrior and doing instances for all my leveling.

  3. Possum says:

    This is lovely. Please keep it up. I’ll recommend it to all the new tanks I see.

  4. Kalle says:

    Nice Blog, Keep it up!

  5. Check your link for Gnomeregan. It should be the 29th rather than the 25th.

  6. Graham says:

    This is fantastic. Couldn’t make thinks clearer. I think I know most dungeons (except, WC and Gnomer which are both a nightmare). But its still good to have a look at best/quickest route for some dungeons. I look forward to seeing BRD, I can’t imagine mapping that one to be a quick process :D.

    I will recommend the site to friends. Kudos to Disciplinary Action!


  7. Mogul says:

    The total awesomeness of this site cannot be overstated.

    My warrior has just hit 30 and is about to instance tank for the first time – simple and clear maps and explanations like these are just what I need. Thanks for all your hard work on this – great idea!


  8. Peter Flowers says:

    Agree wit Mogul — “the total awesomeness of this site cannot be overstated”!

    Again, thanks for the splendid idea and the hard work — your maps have worked out perfectly for me as I am leveling my first tank.

    Ingleneuk – Paladin – Horde, Eonar

  9. mdmaynard says:

    Great site, & thanks for all the amazing work you’ve put into this. VERY helpful, especially for the older, more complex instances. I really enjoy the more complex instances (a reflection of the time & detail of the dev’s on these instances). ‘Just’ hitting the bosses is of course fun, esp in endgame content. Though as a player since game release I really enjoy all the exploration & depth of some of these older instances (there’s truly something for everyone in WoW). That’s not to say I occasionally (or more) get lost in some of the larger instances.
    Also, I don’t (& have never) played as a tank, regardless, your info is still very helpful even from a healers aspect, or just learning the layout for returning just for achievements. It’s definitely not ‘just’ for tanks, your guides are very informative & reflect the time you’ve put into them. Thank you for all your efforts on these. I can only hope that you continue & add some Cata dungeons. Thanks again….

  10. KWS says:

    Amazing work, Thank You so Much!

  11. I would just like to say “THANK YOU”

  12. Lexth says:

    My new favorite wow related site. This is just outstanding, I’ll try to take notes for some of the missing dungeon, but I’m a 79 hunter and only solo stuff a good bit lower than my level.

  13. butterfface-icecrown says:

    First time tank and I used your site. Very nice, very helpful! Thanks very much!

  14. Yutopia says:

    Dear god, thanks for the Blackrock Depths maps. After four 90 DD/heal chars I’m leveling my first Tank (Pala) and I wanted to skip Blackrock Dungeons. But now I can go in there and rock it partly (hopefully)! I still hate it though..

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